Farewell Post

Its been both intimidating and enlightening. Although not everyone is included within my blog, I’ve met some pretty great people throughout the course of this semester and received the chance to attend a number of interesting events. I’ve also had the opportunity to disuse some of the reasons people partake in this seemingly pointless sport. … More Farewell Post

Wissahickon Valley Park: Philly’s Hidden Trails

Courtesy of Wesley Celestino: Including: Peter Hong, Kelly Sheaffer, Julie Baumeister, Britt Miller, Alex Dominy, Paul Schmidt, Cassandra Strawser, Craig Polak, David Josephson, Mariana Morris Bergerson, Kristen Rosser and Peter Riccardi   Not but 10 miles from center city lies a natural oasis hidden within Philadelphia’s urban landscape. Measuring almost seven miles in length and covered … More Wissahickon Valley Park: Philly’s Hidden Trails

Peter Riccardi Talks About Minimalist Running

There seems to be an undecided controversy within the running world. It’s over minimalist running. Running done in shoes of lightweight construction intended to mimic the gait and foot strike one would perform if barefoot. the,. With all the scientific information out there I am surprised that there is yet to be a general consensus … More Peter Riccardi Talks About Minimalist Running

Perfect day for a run

It was a damp and cold morning, the kind that threatens a bleak, grey afternoon. But despite Race director Michelle Redrow’s pre-race prediction that the poor weather forecast would effect the turnout, almost 1,500 runners made it out CGI Racing’s annual Perfect 10, an all women’s 10 miler. But fortunately for runners, by the 8 p.m … More Perfect day for a run

Gloucester County First Running Legend: Jonas Cattell

Running a race without athletic gear is inappropriate. Running a race dressed in colonial garb is on a totally, different level. But when Jim Serry of Clarksboro dressed in stockings, a cotton blouse and calf length breeches, it felt more than fitting. Then again nothing could be more appropriate for the 46th annual Jonas Cattell … More Gloucester County First Running Legend: Jonas Cattell

A Runner Where Runners Are Not

Just because he runs, Peter Riccardi could be considered unusual. Not many college-age kids participate in distance running. For instance, in this year’s OCNJ Half Marathon, those whose ages ranged from 20-24 only represented less than 6 percent of the total finishers. The Philly 10k experienced similar demographics, with only 6.8% of total finishers within … More A Runner Where Runners Are Not