Farewell Post

Its been both intimidating and enlightening. Although not everyone is included within my blog, I’ve met some pretty great people throughout the course of this semester and received the chance to attend a number of interesting events. I’ve also had the opportunity to disuse some of the reasons people partake in this seemingly pointless sport.  I would really like to thank all the people who went out of their way just to help out a student and aspiring journalist. Despite being no more then a student publishing content to a relatively unfrequented blog, many of the interviewees that participated did so for no other reason but for the satisfaction of helping a student-journalist out. I’m so glad I chose to cover the running community in this area. It is a community of friendly people with no other aim then to share a mutual love for running. And although only connected through that love, that community is strong and vibrant.

If I do decide to continue covering the running community in this area, it will most likely be on another blog (preferably one with a correctly spelled html). So long fellow runners. Regardless of what the future holds I still plan to stay active in within the community in on way or another.

Keep running.

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