Fellow Blogger: Angela Tieri

Courtesy of Angela Tieri
Courtesy of Angela Tieri

If anyone knows running, really knows running it’s Angela Tieri. Then again, who could know more than a certified personal trainer with a coaching certification from both the Road Runners Club of America and USA Track & Field. Oh, and did I mention she’s a member of the elite, all-women’s Impala Racing Team? How elite? Elite enough to send 14 members to the Olympic trials marathon and to produce more Olympic qualifiers than any other training group in the country. So yeah, the Impalas, Angela included, are very fast. And being a recent top finisher of the Tamalpa Headlands 50k near San Francisco, CA, she is most certainly a tougher runner than most. For those of you not familiar with those metrics, that’s 31.06 miles. And for those not familiar with the topography of the the race, runners of the Headlands experience over 7,300 feet in elevation change. My quads feel trashed just thinking about all those hills. 

Angela, however, has gotten the chance to run in places that would make any recreational runner envious. As a competitor in the Boston Marathon, and a competitor in ultra marathons, she has run on numerous trails around the world, including trails in Austria, Tahoe state park, California, Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.

Thankfully for us, the San Francisco Bay Area resident, an expert when it comes to running, maintains a blog that includes helpful information for runners of every level of seriousness. She also provides tips and pointers on trail running with the recent inception of her Trail Running 101 Series which dives into the do’s and don’ts of running off the pavement.  

“There are a lot of blogs out there sharing questionable information, particularly about running injuries and strength training, and I hope to prove myself as a reliable source for people to turn to,” explains Angela.

Along with helpful facts and tips, Angela likes sharing her experiences with running and racing because, other than the fact that it’s her passion, she believes it’s important to share different points of view.

Angela hopes her blog can show less experienced runners that even the most seasoned of athletes have bad days. And by sharing one’s experience with running that they can “keep things real”, and in perspective.

Running is such an individual experience, and the way people train and fuel and the gear they use are all so different.”

The blog, she claims, is a relevant way to be a part of the running community. As to why Angela runs in the first place, a question I’ve been informally posing to many runners I come across, she says it was because the sense of self achievement.

“I love running because there’s a direct correlation between the work you put in and your improvement. You can’t buy your way to a faster time.”

And as a native of Boston it had always been her goal to participate in the Boston Marathon which she got the chance to do when she qualified after her very first shot at 26.1. From that point on she became more and more involved with running.

“Mostly I love spending hours on the trails away from my computer and phone,” Angela says, reminding us that this sport is an avenue for disconnecting from the white noise of modern life.

I personally think that her blog is just an example of a larger need. As she herself touches upon, running, while not necessarily a team sport, is not something to be experienced alone. That through sharing emotions one has the whole act becomes more enjoyable. Whether it be our fears and frustration or joys and triumphs, relating to other runners creates a way to explore one’s relationship with the sport. Ask any any runner who is accomplished, at least in their own eyes, and I guarantee that they have a support network of fellow runners who have helped them survive their trials and tribulations. 

“I’ve met some incredible people and some of my best friends through running,” she goes on to explain.

She has a point, you’ll never know someone better until you have both sweated out long miles together in the hot summer sun, or have done repeat after repeat on the track. Nor will you get a better look of what someones made of than when you watch them in action, whether it be in a race or just in training.

Then again, Angela’s blog, and all other running blogs, serve as a conduit for that human connection, a way to look inside a runners mind and get a good grip on who that person really is. 

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