Why? No, Seriously Why?

 What is that makes humans want to run? Think about it, really. Chew that around for a few seconds. Why is it that certain people take it upon themselves to engage in an arguably fruitless act. No longer are we chasing down fauna on the plains of Africa for sustenance, nor do we have to utilize running as means of getting from point A to point B (our fabled first marathoner, Pheidippides is rolling in his grave). But despite an unidentifiable point, a number of us persist, ever trudging on. some even like it.

I’m Alexander Dominy, Rowan university journalism student, former member of my high school track and cross country team, avid runner and three-time gym class corn-hole champion. I’m fascinated by this seemingly aimless pastime and it’s surprising popularity. Whether chasing a “runner’s high,” stoking an ego fervently seeking competition or just enjoying it’s meditative aspects, my goal is to explore the reasons behind why runners run. Through interviews and first hand experience, I aim to unearth South Jersey’s running culture. Along the way, I’ll touch upon topics related to running: what to eat, what shoes to wear, training routines, etc. I will also include a little (if not egotistically a lot) about my own experience with running.

I can’t wait to share and explore this fantastic and enigmatic sport with my running brethren, and hopefully shed some light on the sport for those who don’t quite get it. I can only hope it’ll be a good, solid run.

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